Spring 2021 COVID-19 Guidelines

As we continue our return to play efforts, we are sharing a reminder of ALL guidelines required for on-field participation: 

  • Must be registered to play for Spring 2021 Season. (This is for insurance reasons, if your player has friends who want to join, they must register before coming to any practice sessions).
  • Completed Pre-Participation Form and Assumption of Risk Form before 1st day of practice (included in registration process).
  • Daily Symptom Check List completed everyday, prior to arrival. (This will done via TeamSnap mobile on the same day of practice, or in-person, at field).
  • Players and Coaches are required to wear masks at all times, no exceptions. No mask, no training.


As a reminder, all players are expected to complete the mobile TeamSnap Check-In form prior to every practice. 


Novato Lacrosse continues to follow state and county guidance to inform our return to play activities. For more information, please see the following:       


Questions? Please reach out to