The Novato Nighthawks Lacrosse Club (NLC) is a non-profit group of parents and participants organized to provide coaching, facilities, scheduling and playing opportunity for the youth of the North Bay Area of California to participate in the sport of lacr

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NLC requires every family (1 parent or two) to give a minimum of 8 hours of participation/service to NLC by assisting with their child’s team management as well as the management/functioning of the entire Club. The team manager has the authority to assign team jobs, although she/he will take requests into consideration. The team manager will describe the team role to the parent to the best of her/his ability and will refer the parent to another NLC member for more information if needed. This information is described clearly in the NLC Parent Participation Agreement all parents sign as a requirement of registration with NLC You will receive copies of this agreement for each player on your team.

This is a living document. Please makes notes throughout the season and share your ideas and information with the D.O.M. at the end of the season in an effort to improve team organization for the future.

Other than the role of Team Manager, the team management organization structure described in the following pages is meant as a guide. However, these team jobs work well for most teams. You may need more parents per job depending on your team’s grade level and game schedule. The game-related jobs and representatives to Club level jobs/activities are not optional (Awards Night Rep., LAXapaloosa Rep., etc.) The Team Manager has the authority to organize the completion of team tasks as she/he sees fit as long as the Director of Managers (known as D.O.M.) and/or NLC Board see no problem with the tactics.

*=Critical jobs, concentrate on filling these before others.

*Team Manager See Team Manager Job Description

Assistant Team Manager (1)

  • Assist team manager as needed.

*Team Scorekeepers & Timekeepers (4+)

  • Will receive instruction from the Athletic Director or other NLC member on how to keep score and keep time for the age level of your team, as needed.
  • Responsible for setting up (come 30 minutes prior to game time) and taking down scorekeeper station including table, chairs, score cards, horn, and scorebook for each home game (unless already done by field coordinators).
  • Responsible for maintaining team score & stats record book for both home and away games (check with team manager/coach for more information).

Team Field Coordinators (2-4)

  • Home games—come 30 minutes prior to time players start warming up to make sure that field is prepared for the warm up and game, this is usually 90 minutes prior to game time.
  • May be requested to assist the Athletic Director, Marty Jayne, and/or the Asst. Athletic Director to line fields and/or perform other field preparation tasks.
  • Coordinate clean-up of the field and surrounding spectator areas following EVERY game. Away games=NLC area, Home games=entire area, both home and visitor. Can choose to make a schedule for team families to assist with this task or ask the entire team to assist, but the Team Field Coordinators are ultimately responsible.

*Team Uniform Coordinator (1-2)

  • Organize, assign, distribute and retrieve team uniforms according to NLC rules and procedures.
  • There may be an NLC Uniform Distribution Day/Night prior to the start of games to assist in the distribution of uniforms or you may have the option to distribute them at a time/place of your convenience.
  • Work/assist with the NLC Uniform Coordinator if needed.

*Team First Aid Coordinator (1)

  • Responsible for filling and maintaining the team first aid kit (communicate with NLC First Aid Coordinator). The coach carries the team first aid kit to all games.
  • Brings small cooler of ice or coordinates other parents to bring ice to each game for first aid purposes.

Team Travel Coordinator (1)

  • Informs parents of details, including driving directions, important for any traveling the team does during the season (away games, tournaments, playoff games).

Team Awards Night Coordinator (2)

  • Work with NLC Awards Night Coordinator to organize of the annual NLC Awards Night in May/June.
  • Assist manager with collecting player votes for team awards.
  • Assist with Awards Night set-up and clean-up.
  • Chaperone team at Awards Night.

Team LAXAPALOOSA Representative (1-3)

  • The NLC LAXAPALOOSA is a day planned to celebrate lacrosse with most/all NLC teams playing on one or two fields in Novato. Team LAXapalooza reps. assist the LAXapalooza Coordinator with planning, running and cleaning up LAXapalooza activities such as t-shirt sales, shooting games, jumpy house, dunk tank, food sales, vendor booths, sponsorships, etc.

Team Photo Day Coordinator (1)

  • Complete tasks given for the team as given by the NLC Photo Day Coordinator.

Team Snack Shack Coordinator/Workers (2-4)

  • Coordinate themselves to staff NLC snack shack per NLC Snack Shack Coordinator or Board member directions.

Communicate with your team Coach before filling the job of Team Practice & Container Monitor (described below) and let him/her decide whether to fill this job or not. The parent(s) filling this role must be aware of and sensitive to the responsibilities as well as be trusted by the team Coach to complete the job appropriately and effectively.

Team Practice & Container Monitor(s) (1-3)

  • Only need one parent per practice, so if multiple teams are practicing at a field, then monitors from different teams can arrange a “schedule” to cover the week (for example, each monitor takes one day per week)
  • Monitor the NLC storage container at team's practice/game field during all practices and games to insure proper care and storage of all club equipment and supplies.
  • Should be present at all practices and games and be stationed close enough to container to monitor its use or lock it up and be available to unlock it as needed.
  • Assist team Coach with team discipline by reporting any inappropriate player behavior he/she witnesses to the coach or assistant coach. Parents should NOT with players unless safety is involved or at the explicit request of the Coach.

NOTE: Players should not be in containers without adult supervision. All equipment and supplies in the containers should be treated respectfully and kept organized and clean. The Team Practice & Container Monitor job provides adult supervision at/in the container when coaches are not available to supervise.


If the team manager can find parents to help in the following roles, then it is helpful, but not critical.

Team End of Season Celebration/Coach Gift Coordinator (1-2)

  • An end of the season celebration/party and coach gifts are optional, but traditional, especially on the younger teams.
  • Keep in mind that there is a club annual Awards Night in late May

Team Water Coordinator

  • Teams may opt to have parents take turns bringing water and cups vs. having each player responsible for bringing their own water.
  • This coordinator could handle the water and cups for the season or organize the rest of the parents to bring them.