The Novato Nighthawks Lacrosse Club (NLC) is a non-profit group of parents and participants organized to provide coaching, facilities, scheduling and playing opportunity for the youth of the North Bay Area of California to participate in the sport of lacr

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Team Manager Job Description

These are guidelines to support you in your role as Team Manager.

While it is usually in your best interest to delegate team management responsibilities as outlined in the Team Management Organization document, you are free to decide how to meet these expectations as long as the Director of Managers (“ D.O.M.”) and or NLC Board see no problem with how this is done.

This is a living document. Please make notes throughout the season and share your ideas and information with the Board Secretary at the end of the season in an effort to improve team organization for the future.


  • Overall responsibility for team administration.
  • Liaison between D.O.M. and team parents.
  • Liaison between Coach and team parents.
  • Delegate jobs required for team to function.
  • Attend and lead team parent meeting in January at the NLC Parent Night. Team meeting follow the general information given by the NLC President and Athletic Director.
  • Fill parent team jobs by preference (see NLC Team Management Organization with parent jobs descriptions) and then assignment as you see fit. You will receive NLC Parent Participation Agreements completed by one parent for each player.
  • Communicate with coach, parents, and D.O.M. as needed to keep everyone informed of team matters(must be comfortable using email)
  • Report any infractions of NLC Code of Conduct, and or PCA guidelines by player, parents, and coaches to D.O.M.
  • Collect Code of Conduct documents from all players (signed by both player and parent) prior to player’s participation in ANY NLC practice, game or event. Although this was agreed to during registration, we need to emphasize the importance by requiring that the form be signed and agreed to once again.
  • The NLC Registrar will get you the 3 sets of player emergency information (copies of the reg. form) prior to your team’s first practice. Keep one copy with you at all times. Give one set to your coach and make sure that there is a set in the container at your practice field and that the coach(es) know(s) where they are located.
  • Construct and distribute a team roster, practice schedule and game schedule for all team families. These should also be available on the NLC website.
  • Be an official team contact to communicate with opposing teams for home and away games. Use of email/phone and possibly internet ( may be necessary. Discuss this responsibility with your coach as he/she may take on this responsibility or a portion of it.
  • Use email/phone/newsletter to keep parents as well as coaches informed of important team matters/ a weekly update is advised, but not required.

General Timeline


  • NLC Parent Meeting
  • Optional second team meeting (or Feb)
  • Fill team management jobs (guidelines in separate document)
  • Distribute NLC Directories and practice schedule


  • Optional second team parent meeting (if not done in Jan.)
  • Fill remaining team management jobs with team parents
  • Practices begin
  • Collect Code of Conduct forms from all players/parents (both must sign) before player can participate in any practice or other team activity
  • Keep set of player reg./medical info. Forms (given to you by the NLC Registrar or Board Rep.) in your binder
  • Distribute team roster and game schedule
  • Monitor team scorekeepers to make sure they understand their role and receive instruction from the D.O.M. or other NLC parent in anticipation of game season starting in March.
  • Monitor uniform distribution
  • Start weekly team email updates (optional)


  • Games start, monitor all game related management roles to make sure parents are fulfilling their duties


  • Check to see that parents are planning Awards Night preparations and possible end of season team festivities


  • Monitor/work on team Awards Night preparations
  • Monitor/work on any end of season team festivities
  • Monitor uniform return.

NOTE: Players should not be in containers without adult supervision. All equipment and supplies in the containers should be treated respectfully and kept organized and clean. The Team Practice & Container Monitor job provides adult supervision at/in the container when coaches are not available to supervise.

Optional Team Managment Jobs

If the team manager can find parents to help in the following roles, then it is helpful, but not critical.

  • Team End of Season Celebration/Coach Gift Coordinator (1-2) - An end of the season celebration/party and coach gifts are optional, but a tradition, especially on the younger teams.  Keep in mind that the NLC Annual Awards Night is held in late May
  • Team Water Coordinator - Teams may opt to have parents take turns bringing water and cups vs. having each –player responsible for bringing their own water.